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2014 Feng Shui Tips for the Chinese Zodiac Sign of Ox


The Ox Zodiac Sign in 2014
2014 Feng Shui Tips for the Chinese Zodiac Sign of Ox
2014 Feng Shui Tips for the Ox Chinese Zodiac Sign
Is your birth year represented by the Ox symbol in Chinese astrology? Are you curious about what's in store for you in 2014? Let's have a quick look at how feng shui can improve your overall luck in 2014, the year of the Wood Horse.

Be sure your zodiac sign is actually the Ox, as Chinese New Year starts on a different day each year (and never on January 1). It is also helpful to know your birth feng shui element.    

I will start with a word of caution first. The feng shui tips given here should be used with a discriminating eye as they are based on general predictions for your Chinese zodiac sign.

There is definitely much more to every human being that just the symbology of the year the person is born. Still, exploring these feng shui tips will definitely help improve your energy and make you more aware of the potential the Wood Horse 2014 year might have for you.

OVERALL: The Wood Horse energy of 2014 is considered to be very good for the Ox. There will be success in career, but care should be taken not to take on too many professional responsibilities. The areas of wealth/money, as well as love relationships are also better than last year. Health-wise, care should be taken, especially while traveling.

WEALTH & CAREER: Work with feng shui cures for career success, as well as the wealth & money cures that most appeal to you.

LOVE: 2014 is a better year for love energy in your life, but there are still challenges. Working on trust and openness issues seems to be an on-going issue with Ox people, and 2014 will give you plenty of opportunities to do just that! Symbols of protection and strength energy that come in pairs, such as the Chi Lin or the Fu Dogs, can help you this year. And, of course, a good feng shui bedroom is a must!

HEALTH: Your health might go through many ups and downs this year, which makes it important to apply specific feng shui health tips in your home and office. Be mindful about monitoring your energy levels and create a home environment that is nurturing of your birth feng shui element. The Wu Lou feng shui symbol is highly recommended to Ox people in 2014, be especially as a personal amulet that you can keep with you.

PERSONAL FENG SHUI: In 2014 the focus is to strengthen the energy of calm and protection around you, which can be helped by wearing specific feng shui crystals in jewelry or as feng shui amulets. Symbols such as Pi Yao and Wu Lou (mentioned above), or your own Chinese zodiac sign can be easily incorporated in items such as a bracelet, a key chain or a pendant.

Stay open and be comfortable with trusting others, take good care of your health and you might enjoy a beautiful 2014 full of opportunities!

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