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2014 Feng Shui Tips for the Chinese Zodiac Sign of Rabbit


Rabbit Zodiac Sign in 2014
2014 Feng Shui Tips for the Chinese Zodiac Sign of Rabbit
2014 Feng Shui Tips for Rabbit Chinese Zodiac Sign
Is your birth year represented by the Rabbit energy in Chinese astrology? Are you curious about what's in store for you in 2014? Let's have a quick look at how feng shui can improve your overall luck in 2014, the year of the Wood Horse.

Be sure your zodiac sign is actually the Rabbit, as Chinese New Year starts on a different day each year (and never on January 1). It is also helpful to know your birth feng shui element.    

I will start with a word of caution first. The feng shui tips given here should be used with a discriminating eye as they are based on general predictions for your Chinese zodiac sign.

There is definitely much more to every human being that just the symbology of the year the person is born. Still, exploring these feng shui tips will definitely help improve your energy and make you more aware of the potential the Wood Horse 2014 year might have for you.

OVERALL: Very good energy is predicted for Rabbit people in 2014. There is a combination of several very beneficial energies that can express as a big opportunity, or a much awaited event. There is also much luck to be encountered in your professional life, as well as your personal relationships. Vibrant health is in the stars for Rabbit people, too. 2014 sounds like a stellar year, indeed!

WEALTH & CAREER: Use feng shui cures for career success, as well as wealth. Most importantly, monitor your personal energy and trust your intuition to not miss one moment of the many opportunities in 2014. The blissful, gentle and protective energy of Kwan Yin can be an excellent feng shui cure for you.

LOVE: Your 2014 love luck can be strengthen by your choice of smart feng shui love cures, be it the rose quartz hearts or a small statue of lovers. Be sure your bedroom is well-taken care of and the feng shui energy in your home is fresh, crisp and nourishing. If you are single and looking for a love partner, art with peony flowers can be a potent feng shui image in your bedroom.

HEALTH: 2014 is predicted to be a productive year for Rabbit people. To make the best of it, be sure the feng shui energy in your home is supportive of your health and well-being. Use feng shui health cures of your choice and surround yourself with beauty to help nourish and express the best of your personal spirit. Art or images with high energy, such as mountain tops or open pathways in a vibrant green forest can work wonders for you.

PERSONAL FENG SHUI: A bit of feng shui protection can go a long way, so look for good feng shui jewelry to strengthen your energy and create a shield of protection around you. Explore feng shui properties of crystals to see which ones appeal to you the most. The mystic knot pattern in any of your accessories can promote a continuos flow of auspicious energy.

A beautiful year is in store for you, Rabbit people; just remember to make any changes in a thoughtful manner and avoid getting arrogant. Enjoy the best of 2014!

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