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Top 10 Feng Shui House Magnets for Conflict

Be sure your house is clear of these feng shui challenges


If you experience high levels of conflict in your family, do not give up until you carefully look into the feng shui of your house. While not a miracle solution, feng shui can show you the hidden connection between the energy of your family dynamics and the strong negative energy as created by many feng shui house mistakes.

This list will help you identify the feng shui culprits in your own house (or apartment) and offer tips to calm and balance its energy. If your house is challenged by constant conflict, it is helpful to understand that bad feng shui can attract conflict.

Now, go ahead and fix it with good feng shui!

1. Feng Shui Problems in Your Main Entry

The energy in your main entry determines the quality of energy that enters the home. Do you want vibrant, healthy, fun and nourishing energy in your home? Then be sure you main entry is feng shui - friendly. 

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2. Bad Outside Feng Shui

Having good feng shui energy outside your house is important for many reasons. Understand what bad outside feng shui energy is and be sure you know how to deal with it.

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3. A Bedroom from Hell

There can be no peace in the home if you sleep in a bad feng shui bedroom, it is as simple as that. Do you sleep in a bedroom from hell or is it a very good feng shui bedroom that you are enjoying? Find out and do the work that needs to be done.

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4. Direct Alignment of Doors or Windows

If you have two or more doors in direct alignment, especially if it is the front door and back door, then you definitely need feng shui to balance the energy and keep it in the house. The same feng shui principle applies to a door aligned with a big window.

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5. Staircase Facing the Front Door or in the House Center

In terms of feng shui, a staircase creates unsettling energy. The worst feng shui location of a staircase is in the heart/center of the home, as well as directly facing the front door. If this is what's happening in your home, you need feng shui to balance the energy.

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6. Love & Relationship Area Non-Existent or Stressed Out

In feng shui, the Southwest area of your home is connected to the energy of love and relationships. Is your Southwest area treated well, feng shui wise? Do you have the right colors, materials, images? Or, is the area partially missing? Find out and deal with it.

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7. Money Area Stuck or Non-Existent

Ok, a feng shui area cannot be completely non-existent, so it is a bit of an exaggeration. However, if the energy in your feng shui  money area is stuck and the area is neglected, one can say it is non-existent. Take good care of your money area (Southeast)  and you will bring so much more peace in all your interactions. 

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8. God Forgotten Basement, Garage or Attic

If you think the state of your basement, garage, attic or closets has nothing to do with the state of your energy, you really need to re-think it. Or, better yet, clear out these areas and feel what a huge difference this makes in the state of your home, as well as your own inner state of mind.

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9. House Energy Stuck and/or Bad Vibes from Previous Owners

If you live in a house with bad history, or you've had many negative experiences in the house, you need to clear the energy. You can do it once a year or once a week, but you have to do it. Maintaining positive, healthy relationships is very hard while you constantly swim in an invisible sea of negativity.

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10. Conflicting Feng Shui Decor

It is hard to keep your energy clean and clear if you live in a house that is not nourishing you. Even though this is a more advanced feng shui application, it is sure worth looking into if you experience a higher than usual energy of conflict and negativity.

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