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Lucky Colours To Wear in New Year 2014

Does it matter which colour you wear in the new year?


feng shui lucky colors

Many people believe that the colour you wear for New Year celebration, as well as throughout the year, can bring good luck. Choice of best colours to wear are based on the feng shui element of the current Chinese New Year, which in 2014 is Wood. You can also wear accents in Fire element colors.

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lucky colours 2014

The lucky colours in 2014 are the colours of the Wood feng shui element - green and brown. Wear these colors in clothing, various accessories as well as jewelry.

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2014 lucky colors

Brown color is considered lucky to wear in 2014 as it can represent both the Wood as well as Earth feng shui elements that are supportive of the 2014 year. It is also the closest color to Horse energy, the Zodiac animal of 2014.

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The tradition to wear specific colours for New Year celebration in order to attract good luck in the coming year is popular all over the world. As everything is energy - including colour, of course! - what you wear when the clock strikes midnight is believed to bring you all manner of luck and success.

The same choice of colours is believed to bring you luck if you wear it throughout the year, as well as decorate your home with it.

Is this true, though? Does it really work? And, most importantly, what is the choice of specific colours to wear based on?

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For those who are anxious to find the answer right away, let me give some feng shui details for the coming year - the year of the Wood Horse 2014. Afterwards, if you are interested in where the tradition comes from and what it is based upon, we will look into that, too!

2014 is the Year of the Wood element - the Wood Horse - so to be in harmony with the energy of the year and befriend the ruling Wood Horse energy, it is recommended to wear the colours of the Wood feng shui element - all shades of green and brown.

In addition to Wood feng shui element, you can also wear the colours of the Water and Earth elements, because these two elements support the Wood in its growth and well-being. So, colours blue and black (Water element colours) as well as all earthy tones (Earth element) are also good in the coming year of the Wood Horse 2014.

You can wear not only clothing, but all sorts of accessories in the green-brown colour scheme, such as jewelry, belts, scarfs, etc. To make it even more powerful, you can choose jewellery with natural crystals and stones with the presence of Wood energy, such as green jade, agate, green tourmaline and malachite.

Also good are crystals and stones with the presence of Water element energy - such as turquoise, aquamarine, pearls, kyanite, lapis lazuli and moonstone. Or, go for black colour ones, such as black obsidian, black tourmaline or black onyx.

Are there colours that are best to avoid in the New Year, or at least for the New Year celebration? Yes, for sure. Least favourable colours in 2014 are the colours of Fire and Metal feng shui elements, respectively all whites and grays, as well as purple, orange and red colours.

However, because Horses are considered to have the energy of fire, it is OK to wear accessories in Fire feng shui element colours.

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If you want to go a bit deeper with choosing best colours for yourself, it is always good to know your personal birth element, and see which colours support and nourish your energy. For example, if your personal feng shui birth element is Earth, wearing Wood colours most of the time can weaken your energy.

The tradition to wear specific colours for each coming New Year is based on Chinese tradition, or, more specifically, on the feng shui theory of five elements. According to Chinese calendar, the energy of each year is expressed in the energy of a specific feng shui element. There are 5 elements in feng shui - Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal.

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Each element is expressed in specific colours, shapes, images or items that carry its energy. For example, the Wood element of 2014 Year of the Horse is expressed in colours green and brown, rectangular shapes and, of course, various green plants or their representation (images or art).

The interesting part, though, is that Chinese New Year starts on a different day each year (and never on January 1st), so if you want to really use the Chinese approach and benefit from colours of the year, then you will also have to celebrate Chinese (Lunar) New Year, because this is when the year actually begins in Chinese cosmology.

In 2014, the New Year - the Wood Horse Year - starts on January 31, 2014. This gives you another chance for a good celebration, along with a fresh new start, doesn't it?

Good luck and all the best in the New Year, no matter which colours you choose to wear.


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