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Feng Shui Colors - Use Color Brown for Good Feng Shui

In feng shui, brown color belongs to the wood feng shui element


Feng Shui Brown Color

In Feng Shui, Brown Color belongs to the Wood Feng Shui Element

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In Feng Shui, Brown color represent the feng shui element of Wood and it is best used in the following feng shui Ba-Gua areas: East (Health & Family), Southeast (Wealth & Abundance), and South (Fame & Reputation)

Brown is a feng shui color that had a big comeback in the recent years. It has a nourishing feng shui energy, and it came back in rich tones and associated with yummy dark chocolate, gourmet coffee and beautiful mahogany wood.

It is an excellent feng shui color choice for the main entry, the kitchen, or as a feature wall in the living room or bedroom. Avoid a predominant Brown color scheme in the children's bedroom, as well as in the feng shui area of Southwest of your space.

A space that has too much Brown color may lead to its inhabitants lacking the ambition and the drive to go forward in life, thus it is always a good feng shui idea to keep Brown well-balanced with other colors.

The Chocolate Brown and Robin Egg Blue is still one of the most popular feng shui color combinations widely used in interior decor, as well as the design of many home-related products. The energy reason behind its popularity is an excellent feng shui color combination of the five elements, Brown being Wood and Blue being Water, one feng shui element nourishing and supporting the growth of the other.

Rich, deeply balancing and with nourishing feng shui energy, Brown color is here to stay!

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