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Feng Shui Colors - Use Color Pink for Good Feng Shui

In feng shui, pink color belongs to the fire feng shui element


Feng Shui Color - Pink

Feng Shui Colors: In Feng Shui, Pink Color belongs to the Fire Element

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The right feng shui color use can bring a strong shift of energy into your environmenr. Pink color is the universal color of Love, which makes it a perfect feng shui color to soothe the energy. Its gentle and delicate feng shui vibrations have a proven soothing effect on one's behavior. You could almost say that, as a feng shui color, Pink literally soothes the heart and fills it with love!

The widest use of Pink color in feng shui is in the Southwest area of one's space, as it is connected to Love & Marriage. The feng shui element of Southwest is Earth, so Fire color is perfect as it creates Earth in the productive cycle of the feng shui five elements. You can bring the Fire energy with the wall color or furniture and decor accessories.

The most common Pink used in feng shui decorating is a gentle Pink, although the "hot version" of it, the Magenta Pink, is used more and more often, as it brings very fiery energy, especially when coupled with Orange, also a Fire element color.

Pink color can be a beautiful feng shui addition to the powder room, a little girl's bedroom (obviously), a creative office, etc. One of the most common Pink color combinations (besides the mentioned Pink & Orange one) are the Pink and Green and the Pink and Black.

Pink and Green is an active, vibrant feng shui color combination that brings the energy of Fire (Pink) and Wood (Green), thus strengthening the soothing, loving vibrations of Pink.

Pink and Black, a very elegant and beautiful "retro" combination, brings the feng shui energies of Fire (Pink) and Water (Black). Because of the nature of this relationship, the feng shui color use of this combination creates an interesting tension in the room, as well a constant dialogue and subtle movement.

When used too much in an indoor environment, pink can create a floating effect, and its inhabitants may tend to live in an illusory world.

A beautiful feng shui way to bring pink color into one's space, be it personal or business, is with a bowl of rose quartz crystals, as these rock crystals carry strong natural and healing love vibrations expressed in a gentle, soothing pink.

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