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Which Chinese Coins Do I Use For Good Feng Shui in My Money Area?


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The Chinese coins used as feng shui money cures are made from a variety of materials, from brass to copper. The stronger the material, the better the energy of the Chinese coin used as a feng shui cure. Of course, the coins are replicas of ancient coins!

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Question: Which Chinese Coins Do I Use For Good Feng Shui in My Money Area?
In your feng shui articles you write about placing Chinese coins in my money area. Where can I buy these coins? I don't have a clue what Chinese coins are. Are the coins dollars converted into Chinese coins? Or are the coins the ones with the holes in them? What should I use for good feng shui in my money area?
Answer: For good feng shui in your money area it is always best to use symbols that speak to you of money and abundance. Chinese coins are a very popular feng shui money cure because feng shui originated in China thousands of years ago, so it makes sense that Chinese coins are a top feng shui money cure.

Before going into more detail about Chinese coins used for feng shui purposes, let me emphasize this: It is up to you to decide what symbol will help you attract the energy of money into your life. You can choose from many popular Chinese money cures, or go for a more modern symbol that carries the energy of abundance for you. You are the one who wants to attract the energy of money into your life, so you have to be very clear with yourself as to what really, really speaks to you of money and abundance. The stronger your connection to a particular feng shui cure, the more effective this cure becomes in activating a specific energy for you.

OK, now let's look into the basics of using Chinese coins in your feng shui money area, as well as see where one can buy the Chinese coins. But first, which Chinese coins should you use in the first place?

Chinese Coins Used as Feng Shui Money Cures

The coins used as feng shui money cures are the round Chinese coins with a square hole in the center. You can buy them in any Chinatown (if there is one close to where you live) or from many online feng shui retailers. These coins are replicas of ancient Chinese coins, made from bronze or brass and come in two finishes: a weathered, antique look or a shiny gold surface.

Each Chinese coin has two sides with specific meaning. One side has four characters on it and is considered the Yang / active side, and the other side has two characters and is the Yin / receptive side. Traditionally, the Chinese coins in various feng shui money cures are always placed with the Yang side facing up.

Choices of Feng Shui Money Cures with Chinese Coins and their Meaning

When used as feng shui cures, the coins are most often tied together with a red thread. Usually, you can find these amulets, of feng shui money cures, with 3, 6 or 9 coins tied in a straight row or in a flower pattern. Often they will have at least one mystic knot in red or gold silk incorporated in their design.

The three coins are obviously expressing the energy of trinity that is present in various ways in various cultures. Feng shui-wise, 3 Chinese coins carry the trinity of heaven, earth and mankind luck; 6 is considered the number of heaven luck, or heavenly energy, and 9 is the highest number, the number of completion.

Where and How To Use Chinese Coins as a Feng Shui Money Cure

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