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What's Wrong with My Feng Shui Money Area?


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In applying various feng shui cures in your home, be it feng shui cures for wealth and money or feng shui cures for love and health, it is always best to go step-by-step. Apply feng shui gradually and be sure to do it in a balanced way.

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Question: What's Wrong with My Feng Shui Money Area?
I used feng shui to totally redo my small living room with the intent to concentrate on my wealth corner. I added living plants, a mobile, feng shui pictures with water and cleared out old books and clutter. Soon after, I started experiencing financial difficulties. What did I do wrong?
Answer: When it comes to the right application of feng shui, it is not the amount of work one does in order to bring the desired results. It is hard for me to say what exactly went wrong, as I have never seen your living room. And I do not know if the changes you did were good feng shui or bad feng shui steps.

Feng shui is easily misunderstood, and often done in the wrong order, too. Many people do little feng shui changes on the surface and then expect drastic results overnight. It doesn't work this way. You have to start with the feng shui basics when expecting results from your feng shui efforts, there is no way around it.

It is also best when the changes, including the feng shui cures, are added gradually, without disturbing the energy of your home too much. There are always exceptions to this, such as when you are working with a feng shui consultant, for example, and he or she knows exactly what they are doing.

And the final, and maybe most important factor in your case, is understanding the principle of balance. In applying feng shui to any space, you never focus on just one bagua area, because this can backfire without the support of other bagua areas. Wealth feng shui area (Southeast) is always stronger when you also take care of all other bagua areas, especially the Northwest feng shui area, the Helpful People & Networking energy.

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