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What is BTB School of Feng Shui?


BTB School of Feng Shui

As taught by Professor Lin Yun, Black Sect Feng Shui is a synthesis of Tibetan and Chinese Buddhist, Taoist, and folk wisdom as well as modern psychology and design principles. (www.btbfengshui.org)

Definition: BTB School of Feng Shui - short for Black Sect Tantric Buddhist School of Feng Shui - is a feng shui school, or tradition brought to USA by Professor Lin Yun in mid-eighties. The main difference between the Traditional Schools of feng shui and the BTB School of feng shui is the fact that the BTB School does not use the compass, thus the Bagua, or the energy map of the home, is laid very differently.

If in the Compass School the Bagua placement is determined by the compass direction of the main door, in the BTB School the directions are not being taken into consideration. No matter which direction the main door faces, the BTB feng shui school bagua will always be placed in the same way, with the center of the facing wall being considered as the Fame & Reputation area (which is South area in the Compass feng shui school.)

The founder of BTB School, Professor Lin Yun, is often referred to as His Holiness Grandmaster Professor Thomas Lin-Yun, as he is also the founder and supreme leader of the contemporary Black Sect Tantric Buddhism at its fourth stage.

According to followers of the BTB School of feng shui, his teachings are comprehensive, philosophical, and spiritual. BTB Feng Shui School incorporates the essence of Confucianism, Taoism, Yin-Yang philosophy, Eclecticism, Exoteric Buddhism, Esoteric Buddhism, I-Ching, Theory of Ch'i, holistic healing, feng shui, and folkloric studies.(YunLinTemple.org)

Even though the BTB School of feng shui is often ridiculed by many, especially by the traditional Chinese feng shui practitioners, the school has many merits. A well trained BTB feng shui practitioner knows how to work with the energy of the space and often uses the so called secret cures, mantras, specific meditations and other techniques to bring about the desired change.
Also Known As: BTB Feng Shui, Black Sect School
Be sure to choose a feng shui school that you like and understand. As the BTB School does not use the compass, it is often difficult for the feng shui beginner to combine the BTB School with the traditional Compass School applications.

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