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Is it Bad Feng Shui to Buy Items from Antique Stores?

Understand more about the energy of antique decor items


feng shui tips for antique items

To keep good feng shui energy in your home, be mindful about the history or antique items you buy. Even though you might not know about the previous owners, you can always sense if the energy of the antique items feels good / has good feng shui.

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Question: Is it Bad Feng Shui to Buy Items from Antique Stores or Estate Sales?

Answer: No, it is definitely not bad feng shui to buy items from antique stores or estate sales. You can often find there amazing, unique pieces for your home, and at very good prices.

However, items from both antique stores and estate sales carry strong energy from previous owners. It is kind of like an energy imprint that has the history of all that happened in the space where the item was stored or displayed.

If the item was in a place with good feng shui energy, you are in luck, and if the item carries negative vibrations, it might pollute the energy of your home.

It is also good to know that some physical objects absorb energy more than other items. For example, objects made from glass or reflective materials, such as glass, silver or pewter will absorb less than items made from non-reflective materials, such as wood, clay or heavy, thick fabrics.

So it would be smart to avoid buying an antique bed or a sofa, for example, unless you can have a professional completely refurbish it.

It is also smart to cleanse the energy of the items bought from antique stores or estate sales, just to be sure you are not bringing home any questionable energy. You can find out how to easily do space clearing and apply it to any items you brought home.

When in doubt as to whether to buy an item from an antique store and estate sale or not, try to feel it out. Imagine how it would feel to have the specific item in your home.

If it feels good, go for it, and if it feels a bit strange, trust your feelings and keep exploring for something that will feel just right for you and your home.


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