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Feng Shui for Love and Relationships: Your Space Says it ALL

Feng Shui can reveal your attitude towards your relationships


feng shui love and relationships tips

Ask yourself a simple question - if the love of my life walked today into my home, will he or she stay or run for his or her life?

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We learn the most as human beings and grow the most (and the quickest!) through relationships that are important to us. Our relationships often challenge us, bring us joy, take us to heaven and bring us down to earth all in a short amount of time.

Does a relationship (especially the intimate one) have to be a roller-coaster of emotions? Marianne Williamson says that for a relationship to go all the way to heaven, its roots may have to go deep in hell. While this may mean that to be in an inspiring, nurturing and committed relationship one is forced to look deeply at all the accumulated resistance, hurt, beliefs, etc, it does not mean, though, that one has to get stuck on his or her way to or from hell!

Having been in a feng shui consulting practice for a few years now, I have many clients who have achieved especially powerful results in improving their love life/attracting the relationships they dreamed of. While I do not profess to have a magic wand, I do have the feng shui knowledge and the experience to read any given space for the red flag "love relationships" signs and would like to share some with you, along with basic feng shui remedies.

RED FLAG # 1: Southwest feng shui area of your space has an unbalanced/heavier flow of energy (e.g. laundry room, the bathrooms, big closets, garage, etc) compared to other feng shui areas of the home.

  • First, do accept that this set-up is there for a reason and it shows some patterns you have been manifesting in your life for a long time. Which means both you and the space will be undergoing transformations, as with the gift of awareness and acceptance comes the gift of action!

  • Second, before applying specific feng shui cures for your Southwest feng shui area, such as strengthening the Earth feng shui element, bringing images and symbols of Love & Romance, etc; do let go of any items that have no reason of being in your home (other than your lack of time or desire to deal with it!)

  • Clutter clear and energy clear your home.

  • Connect to your home and explore what steps would like to come next.
RED FLAG # 2: Your bedroom is dark, with very little natural light; your closets are overflowing, and the bed is directly facing the door.

  • Open up the curtains or blinds and let the natural light in, each and every single day, along with the fresh air.

  • Move the bed away from the line of the door and keep the bedroom door closed at night.

  • Create breathing space and clarity in your bedroom closets so that they comfortably work for two people.
Ask yourself a simple question - if the love of my life walked today into my home and my bedroom, will he or she stay or run for his or her life?

I hope your space is telling all the good stories about you and the loved one chooses to stay.
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