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Feng Shui Bagua Guide: All About Your Home, Office or Garden Bagua

Confused about the feng shui bagua? Our feng shui bagua guide will help


In order to successfully apply feng shui in your home or office, you need to define the bagua, or the feng shui energy map of your space. There are two different ways to define the feng shui bagua, which creates a lot of confusion in many feng shui applications.

This Feng Shui Bagua Guide will help you choose the bagua that is right for you, find out how to define it in your home or office, as well as help you deal with the bagua specifics, such as missing areas or extensions.

What is Feng Shui Bagua?

Photo: (c) Rodika Tchi
Feng shui bagua map, the main feng shui tool in creating good energy in your house or office

Bagua (Ba-gua) is one of the main feng shui tools used to analyze the feng shui energy of any given space. Translated from Chinese, Bagua literally means "8 areas."
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Why There are Two Ways of Applying Feng Shui Bagua? Which Bagua is Better?

(c) Dhiego Andrade
Understand the difference between the two feng shui bagua schools
There are two very different ways of applying feng shui bagua. If you are new to feng shui, do not try to apply both baguas at the same time, as this can lead to a lot of confusion, as well as weak results.
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Which Feng Shui School Bagua Should I Apply?

(c) John Lund
Decide which feng shui bagua school is best for your house or office.
If you feel confused about the right application of Bagua, or the feng shui energy map in your home, you are not alone. In your feng shui applications, it is important to choose one bagua style and re-create your home accordingly.
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How To Apply the Classical Feng Shui Bagua FREE Video Tip (2 min)

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This short video helps you define the feng shui bagua according to the classical feng shui school
Now that you know how to take the feng shui compass reading of your home - have you watched the video? - see how you can define the feng shui Bagua in a few easy steps.
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How To Apply the Western Feng Shui Bagua in Your Home

(c) Living Tower Records
Understand how to use the BTB feng shui bagua, or the Western feng shui bagua
Western, or BTB Feng Shui School Bagua, is really easy to define and apply in your home. You will need a floor plan of your home, as well as additional paper and pencil(s). The Western/BTB Feng Shui School bagua consists of the same nine areas as the Traditional Feng Shui School Bagua.
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What are the Missing Areas of the Bagua? Are they Bad Feng Shui?

Matt Gray / Getty Images
Find out if you have missing feng shui bagua areas in your house
Bagua (Ba-Gua) missing areas are the areas of your house or apartment that are mostly missing in the shape of your home bagua. You can also say that Bagua missing areas are the areas of your home bagua with incomplete, or weak energy.
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Feng Shui Tips for the Missing Areas of Your Bagua

(c) Target
If your house has missing feng shui bagua areas,apply feng shui cures to balance its energy

Explore easy feng shui tips for each of the 8 bagua areas of your home. The 9th feng shui bagua area - the heart, or the yin-yang center - cannot be missing. Finding feng shui solutions for specific bagua areas will imply a basic understanding of the 5 feng shui elements, as your feng shui cures will have to be in harmony with the element each bagua area needs for good balance.
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What Are the Bagua Extensions? Are they Good Feng Shui?

Stockbyte/ Getty Images
Find out how to define the feng shui bagua extensions in your house
Bagua (Ba-Gua) extensions are the areas of your house or apartment that are located on the outside of the shape of your home bagua. You might also say the extensions are the areas that are slightly protruding from your home bagua.
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How To Define The Feng Shui Bagua of a Two Level House

Photo: (c) Grandin Road
Find out how to define the feng shui bagua of a house with two or more levels
The feng shui energy flow in the whole house is greatly influenced by the energy of the main floor, so it is always wise to do your best with the bagua of the main floor first.
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How do I Define My Garden Feng Shui Bagua?

(c) Brian van den Heuvel
Find out how to define the feng shui bagua of your garden
Is your house feng shuib bagua (ba-gua, or energy map) the same as your yard, or your garden bagua? In other words, when you define your house bagua, do you include your garden in the house bagua?
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Is the Feng Shui Bagua Important While Traveling or Living in Temporary Places?

PictureGarden / Getty Images
How important is the feng shui bagua of a temporary house or when you travel?
Knowing the importance of having a well-balanced bagua, or energy map of the home, one might wonder what happens to the significance of bagua while living in temporary places.
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