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Why are the Feng Shui Crystals in a Window Considered Good Feng Shui?


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Feng shui crystals are used for a variety of purposes. You can hang a feng shui crystal sphere in a sunny window to attract auspicious energy, or use it as a feng shui cure to dispel negative feng shui energy in a dark corner or a long hallway.

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Question: Why are the Feng Shui Crystals in a Window Considered Good Feng Shui?
A friend of mine told me to hang feng shui crystals in all my windows so that my house can have good feng shui. Why are feng shui crystals in the window good feng shui? And where can I buy the feng shui crystals for that?
Answer: Good question. First, let's clarify the term feng shui crystals. Usually, we would consider good feng shui crystals the natural rock crystals that have not been radiated or colored; meaning the crystals that can bring the most potent feng shui energy to one's home.

You can watch this short feng shui video tip on the use of feng shui crystals to see examples of feng shui crystals and how they can be used in different rooms in your home.

However, the other popular use of the term feng shui crystals is in the context of using faceted lead crystals that are hanged either in specific feng shui corners of your home or in a window. Most often these feng shui crystals come with a red string, as well as in a variety of sizes.

When you have these feng shui crystals hang in a sunlit window, you will watch a beautiful play of rainbow lights in your home, which sure creates excellent feng shui energy. You do not need to have your feng shui crystals in all windows, just have them in a window with most sunlight.

However, this does not mean that your house will automatically have good feng shui just because you have feng shui crystals in your windows. It takes more than that to have a good feng shui house.

Feng shui-wise, crystal spheres are also used:
  • In a window that has Sha Chi energy directed at it
  • In a long narrow hallway with little or no light
  • In a dark corner that easily accumulates stagnant energy
  • In an area of your house with too much chaotic energy, such as a small space with too many doors, for example.
Sometimes you can find a faceted round feng shui crystal sphere hang on a red string with several small crystals. The smaller crystals will emphasize the specific feng shui use of the crystals sphere. For example, if the string has several small rose quartz crystals, then it is sure a good feng shui love cure.

Do not forget to cleanse your crystals from time to time; this is very important in keeping their energy fresh and working. As for where you can buy good feng shui crystals, please check these feng shui tips for buying good feng shui products.

In conclusion, do not forget that you can also use the energy of crystals to strengthen your own personal energy. Explore the use of crystals in jewelry and see if a pendant or a ring made with natural rock crystals creates a difference in your daily energy levels.

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