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Feng Shui Horse Symbol: Would You Use the Horse Feng Shui Symbol in Your Home?

In feng shui the symbol of horse is used in fame and success applications


The image of a horse, or several horses, be it in art, a photo or a sculpture is often used in business and office feng shui applications. (tips below)
feng shui horse symbol

The symbol of horse is most often used in fame and success feng shui applications

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In classical feng shui applications, the Horse brings the energy of success, fame, freedom and speed. Thus, the horse feng shui symbol is often used in the Fame area of the Bagua (South), as well as the Career area (North).

As horses symbolize the feng shui element of Fire, be mindful about not placing cures with horses, such as for example, an image with many running horses, in the Wood feng shui element areas (check the Bagua guide for more info)

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