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Quick Feng Shui: Use of Crystals


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Crystal Clusters in Your Home
Quick Feng Shui: Use of Crystals
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Natural rock crystals are one of the best feng shui cures for any home or office. Crystals come in many forms, and some of them, such as the geodes, generators or clusters, truly resemble a work of art. This makes it easier to decorate with crystals when other feng shui cures do not seem acceptable for a specific space.

Let's look into the most popular crystal formations and their best placement in a home or office. We will start with crystal clusters, as often a cluster brings the most powerful energy to the area where it is placed.

A crystal cluster is created by many crystal points emerging from one base. Crystal clusters come in various sizes - from less than an inch (2.54cm) to a foot (30.48cm) or more. Some of the most common, or easiest to find crystal clusters, are the Clear Quartz and the Apophyllite clusters.

So, if you have a beautiful crystal cluster and are looking for its best feng shui placement to create harmonious energy in your home, consider the following tips.

Because crystals bring strong Earth feng shui element energy into any space, it is best to place them in bagua areas that are either governed, or strengthened by the Earth element. For good feng shui, place your crystal cluster in one of these areas:

- Center
- Northeast
- Northwest
- West
- Southwest

It is best to avoid placing your cluster - unless it is really small - in the North bagua area.

It is also best to avoid placing your crystal cluster right by your bed.

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