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5 Feng Shui Decorating Tips for Christmas: Tip # 5

Decorate your home for Christmas with good feng shui plants


feng shui plants good decor for Christmas

For good feng shui, decorate your home for Christmas with several beautiful plants, and choose at least one or two feng shui indoor air-purifying plants.

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We conclude our exploration of five easy feng shui Christmas decorating tips with the most beautiful and easy way to create good feng shui at any time, especially in the cold season.

I assume you have already ready the first four Christmas feng shui tips and have decided on the best feng shui color scheme for your home this Christmas, you know where to place your Christmas tree, how to use candles for best feng shui, as well as are confident with using essential oils to create best energy in your home.

Is there anything else you can do to easily enhance the celebratory, but also nourishing energy this Christmas?

Yes, there is. Feng shui being all about bringing the vibrant nature's Chi into one's indoor space, the use of plants can help you easily achieve better quality of energy.

Decorate your home with several vibrant plants, at least one of them being an indoor air-purifying plant.

Vibrant plants are always good feng shui, as they bring the healing essence of nature into one's home. Indoor air-purifying plants are the best choice, because along with beauty and grace, they also do a great job of purifying the energy, as well as calming the space.

Some of the most popular good feng shui indoor air purifying plants are the Dracaena Janet Craig, the Peace Lily and the Areca Palm. Be sure you have at least one or two of top feng shui air-purifying plants when you need them the most - in the cold season.

Best feng shui areas to place your strong, lush and healthy green plants are East, Southeast and South bagua areas of your home. These guidelines apply mostly to big plants, such as the placement of a big and tall Areca Palm, for example, or a grouping of plants.

If you are considering the placement of small plants, you can freely choose any area of your home, especially the ones that have a lot of activity, such as the living room or the family room.

As you can see, our 5 Christmas feng shui decorating tips are really easy to apply. These feng shui tips will help you create a Christmas home that not only looks beautiful, but is also a real pleasure to be in. Feng shui is all about creating a home that has healing and nourishing energy, so be sure to apply as many good feng shui tips as you can.

I wish you a harmonious, beautiful and truly joyful time this Christmas!

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