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Feng Shui 2014 Tips and Updates - Good Feng Shui in 2014

Here are the good 2014 feng shui areas in your home and office


feng shui 2014 home and office updates

The potential of the yearly 2014 feng shui energies can be best utilized when you have a good feng shui foundation in your home or office. Be sure to watch our short feng shui video tips to learn how to create good feng shui energy.

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2014 feng shui updates

Learn to create good feng shui energy in your home; this happy energy will support the health of your family, your luck and overall success.

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modern feng shui cures 2014

There are many modern items you can use as effective feng shui cures. Be sure to choose only the feng shui cures that work with your home decor and are genuinely liked by you and your family.

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After reviewing the challenging feng shui areas for 2014 let's look into the beneficial 2014 feng shui areas. You can apply basic feng shui tips to harness the potential of yearly flying star energies and use it for best feng shui in your home or office.

As a general advice, be sure to have the feng shui areas with the yearly 2014 beneficial stars brightly lit and with fresh, active yang energy. Clutter clear to allow for a good flow of energy in your home.

Please note that in order to apply the annual feng shui updates you have to know the Bagua of your home.

In 2014, the Chinese New Year (Lunar New Year) starts on January 31, 2014; it is the feng shui year of the Wood Horse. The feng shui cures should be in place by February 4, 2014.

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South feng shui bagua area is one of the luckiest feng shui sectors in 2014 with the annual star 8, the Wealth feng shui star. Fire feng shui element colours, such as red, pink, purple, orange and bright yellow, are all good in the South feng shui area of your home or office because they support the Earth element of Star 8.

Of course, these colours are inherently good for South bagua area with its governing element of Fire, so if you have your home or office decor based on feng shui bagua requirements, there is not much change you have to bring, colour-wise, to this bagua area.

Because this is the location of the annual Wealth star, you can also use specific crystals and stones to enhance the wealth energy, especially amethyst, citrine and pyrite (see our short video tip on the feng shui use of crystals.)

Important Note: Usually, it is recommended to keep good feng shui annual stars areas active, but because in 2014 there is also the presence of a specific negative energy (traditional feng shui name: Tai Sui, Grand Duke of Jupiter) in the South bagua area, some caution is needed (as well as additional feng shui cures).



North bagua area has the fortunate purple 9 star in 2014, which is a Fire feng shui element annual star. Be sure not to put down the Fire element of this star with Water feng shui element items, such as colors black and blue, big mirrors, actual water features or images of water in the North area. This can be a bit tricky as the main feng shui element of North is Water, so you have to be mindful about creating a good balance of elements.

Also avoid a strong presence of the Earth feng shui element here as Earth weakens Fire in the five feng shui elements interaction. This one is easier as a strong Earth element is never recommended in the North area!

Fresh flowers, candles, happy images, etc - all the good vibe items - will strengthen the happy potential of this auspicious area. Work with number 9 to multiply the benefits. For example, you can have an arrangement of 9 red or purple candles, or an image of 9 pink flowers.

9 Chinese coins are also welcome here in 2014, as well as various designs with the very auspicious mystic knot. Another traditional Chinese feng shui cure - the crystal tree (in fire colour crystals such as amethyst or citrine) - can go well here.

Important note: In 2014 the North area is also hosting a challenging energy (traditional feng shui name: Three Killings) so the salt water feng shui cure is appropriate here.



The Center of your home or office has the # 4 star in 2014, the star governing romance, as well as creative and educational endeavors. Best not to use Fire or Metal feng shui element colors here, as they damage the Wood element of this beneficial visiting star. Blue and black are good colors for your Center this year as, being the Water feng shui element colors, they nourish the Wood element of the visiting # 4 star.

Avoid Fire and Metal feng shui element items or colors in the Center area in 2014. A vibrant green plant in the Center area is good feng shui in 2014. A water feature as well is very good here this year. From traditional Chinese feng shui cures a pair of Chi Lins can do very well here. Display images of romance, as well as exciting travel destinations or creative projects. This is also a good place for your vision board in 2014. Fresh flowers are excellent here.

Think of the Center feng shui area in 2014 as a very potent love & romance area and be sure to energize the energy of love relationships, be it with images, specific feng shui cures or personal love symbols. If you decide to strengthen the energy of love with traditional feng shui cures, the best ones, of course are the Double Happiness Sign, the Dragon & Phoenix and the Mandarin Ducks.
Be sure not to use them all at once, though!



West bagua area of your home or office in 2014 has the beneficial 6 white star. It brings helpful and auspicious energy to achieve recognition for your accomplishments and attract career success. It also encourages you to aim higher and become more than you thought possible.

Feng shui Metal element colors, such as white or gray, as well as all Earth feng shui element colours are good in the West area in 2014. Quartz crystals and stones are also an excellent annual feng shui cure for this area. Metal element cures, especially moving metal as in a wind chime, for example, are excellent 2014 activators for West bagua area.

Other feng shui cures that can strengthen the beneficial energies here in 2014 are the Ru Yi, six Chinese coins or a metal statue of a deity of your choice, such as Green Tara, for example. The six crystal balls cure is also often recommended to welcome and strengthen the energies of this beneficial annual star.



Southwest bagua area has very favourable feng shui energies of the White star # 1 in 2014. The right nourishment of these energies will strengthen the career and good luck foundation in one's home or office.

The main feng shui element of the Southwest bagua area is Earth, and Earth can weaken the Water element of this beneficial visiting star, so in your 2014 feng shui efforts for this area be mindful not to have the Earth element too strong here.

Metal and Water feng shui elements are good here this year. Good feng shui colours for this feng shui area in 2014 are Water and Metal element colors, such as black, blue, charcoal gray, white. You can also add other Water feng shui element decor cures, choose the ones that work best with the decor of your space.

Avoid Fire feng shui element colors, such as red, purple, hot pink, orange, etc, as well as Fire feng shui element shapes and decor items.

Because the beneficial visiting star # 1 is of Water element, it is important to avoid a strong presence of Wood element here in 2014 (Wood element drains energy from the Water element in the five element cycle).

Fountains, dragon turtles as well as the victorious images of horses are all excellent feng shui cures for Southwest bagua area in 2014. You can also place here your vision board reflecting both professional and personal goals for 2014.


This is about it for the basic 2014 update on the yearly feng shui energies. Be sure to watch our short feng shui videos to learn how to create good energy in your home.

Hope you have a year filled with love and harmony in your family, success and powerful breakthroughs in your professional life, and, most importantly, a year of vibrant health.

Best to you and your family in 2014!

WATCH VIDEO: 2014 Feng Shui Tips for Home and Office



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