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Quick Feng Shui: Crystals for Personal Use


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Tumbled Crystals
Quick Feng Shui: Crystals for Personal Use
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Rock crystals in tumble form are very easy to find and are very inexpensive; this makes them an excellent feng shui tool to take care of you personal energy. Tumble crystals are smooth and light; they are easy to carry, easy to display and easy to cleanse.

How can you use the tumble crystals? You can:
  • Carry them in you pocket
  • Have them under your pillow or under the mattress
  • Place them in plants or near the fountain
  • Display several crystals by your bed
The idea is to have your tumble crystal within easy reach, so that no matter you are meditating or are in a midst of a busy city traffic, the calmness and potent energy vibrations of a crystal can soothe and raise your own energy.

The best source of tumbled rock crystals are good quality new age bookstores and crystal shops, of course. You can also order tumbled crystals on-line (Compare prices).

If you are just beginning to work with crystals and are not sure which crystals to choose, go with the colour you want the most. As each colour carries a specific vibration, you know you are making the right choice is you are strongly attracted to the crystal colour.

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