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Are Bonsai Tree Plants Bad Feng Shui for My Home?


Are Bonsai Tree Plants Bad Feng Shui for My Home?

A healthy bonsai tree plant can be an excellent addition to any space, be it home or office. Be sure you love the look and feel of the bonsai tree, as well as know how to take care of it. Be also sure to place your bonsai in a good feng shui bagua area.

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Question: Are Bonsai Tree Plants Bad Feng Shui for My Home?
Is it true that bonsai tree plants are bad feng shui? If it is true, then what is the reason for the bonsai tree bad feng shui reputation? I have a bonsai in my home office and I like it there, so I hope what I heard about this tree is not true. Please inform. Thank you!
Answer: The question about the feng shui use of the bonsai tree in any space, be it home or office, is one of those questions that do not have a decisive "Yes" or "No" answer.

Not only because the beneficial (or not) feng shui use of some items is best decided by the home owner. In other words, an item such as a bonsai tree can create excellent feng shui energy/associations for you personally while for someone else a bonsai tree can be bad feng shui/create bad associations.

The symbolic level of feng shui comes into play when you have to trust your own feeling about a specific item in your home, be it a bonsai tree or a colourful painting. This is not to say that there are no specific guidelines, or rules, when it comes to the use of feng shui cures.

Some of the rules in the feng shui world are very clear, and some are open to interpretation. For example, the rule about clutter being very bad feng shui is a very clear rule, as well as the rule about the importance of having a strong and powerful front door.

However, when it comes to the feng shui of bonsai trees, you are entering the territory of "I know what they say, but this is up to me feng shui". And rightfully so. It is your home and your energy, so it is up to you to decide what best nourishes you at this time. Let me share with you the main guidelines for the bonsai trees, and then be sure to follow your own intuition.

  • Bonsai tree plants can be fascinating, because you are basically looking at a whole tree, but in a miniature version. Bonsai come in all shapes and sizes, from one upright tree to a small forest of mostly horizontal shape trees. Many trees and shrubs are trained to grow in a miniature form, from California redwood to cypress and juniper. At their best, the bonsai trees are a beautiful work of art that requires patience and sensibility; at their worst, they can be an eyesore and a source of pain if neglected.

  • The best placement of any feng shui cure is defined by its feng shui element and the correspondence with a specific bagua area. A bonsai tree obviously belongs to the feng shui element of Wood, so place it in a bagua area that is either defined by Wood (East and Southeast), or nourished by Wood (South).

  • Yes, you can certainly have a bonsai in your office, if the look and feel of a bonsai speaks to you. Be mindful of the fact that there are better choices for feng shui plants for the office; so be sure you make the best choices to support your well-being and success at work.

As you can see, it is up to you to honestly evaluate your own feelings about having a bonsai tree in your home. It might be an excellent feng shui choice for you if you love it and take good care of it. It might speak to you of patience, order, the need to control, etc.

There may be other associations that come to mind, too. Confinement, limited growth and root pruning are all used to create bonsai trees. Even though an old art that is said to promote mind cultivation and training, as well as an aesthetically pleasing view, I know bonsai trees do not speak to me.

I can admire the beauty of a really healthy bonsai, but my heart is into freedom and the wilderness of untouched nature. Bonsai trees (to me) are just another reminder of humans' interference and control of the natural world.

So, is a bonsai tree good feng shui or bad feng shui? If you love it and take good care of it, as well as place it in an appropriate feng shui bagua area, rest assured your bonsai tree is good for you. That is, as long as you truly love it.


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