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10 Buddha Hand Gestures Placement in Your Home


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Buddha Mudra # 1: ABHAYA - No Fear
10 Buddha Hand Gestures Placement in Your Home

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Are you curious about the meaning of specific Buddha hand gestures? Do you have several Buddha sculptures in your home and would like to find their best feng shui placement according to the meaning of mudras? You've come to the right place. The explanation of 10 Buddha mudras, along with feng shui tips for their best placement will definitely help you.

Let's start with one of the most popular Buddha hand gestures called Abhaya Mudra, the energy of No Fear. This is a popular Buddha hand gesture that is found in many home decor items with the image of Buddha, be it sculptures, pictures or even candleholders.

What is Abhaya Mudra? Abhaya is translated from Sanskrit as fearlessness. The Abhaya mudra is made with the open palm of the right hand extending outwards at the chest level or slightly higher. If you look at this Buddha hand gesture, or mudra, you will also feel the energy of protection, peace and a sense of strong, deep inner security. A powerful feng shui decor addition to any home!

What is the best feng shui placement for the Abhaya Mudra Buddha?


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