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10 Buddha Hand Gestures Placement in Your Home


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Buddha Mudra # 2: DHYANA - Meditation
10 Buddha Hand Gestures Placement in Your Home

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Are you wondering what a specific Buddha hand gesture means? You've come to the right place. The explanation of top 10 Buddha hand gestures, along with feng shui tips for the best placement of Buddha sculptures are here for you.

What is Dhyana Mudra? Dhyana, or Samadhi mudra, is the hand gesture that promotes the energy of meditation, deep contemplation and unity with higher energy.

The circling of energy created by the triangle (formed when the thumbs of the two hands touch) also promotes a cleansing of any impurities on an etheric level. Just by looking at this Buddha hand gesture (let alone practicing it!) one can connect to the energy of deep peace and serenity.

What is the best feng shui placement for a Buddha with the Dhyana Hand gesture?
  • Meditation room, your altar, the center of the home or study.


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