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Raven Candelabra: Halloween Feng Shui Tips and Products for Your Home

It's a Delightful and Slightly Macabre Halloween Addition with Great Feng Shui


Feng shui tips for this striking Halloween Raven Candelabra are below the photo.
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Dramatic Raven Candelabra for Halloween: Good Feng Shui

Photo: (c) Front Gate

Ravens are mysterious and powerful birds. The deep black color of the raven, when gazed into long enough, can take one beyond the reality of the daily life.

In this striking raven candelabra design, the mystery is accompanied by a touch of macabre, just in time for Halloween! Elegant, stylish and very realistic, the ravens sit on top or a round carved stone (on top of the world!), ever watchful and sure of their powers. The candelabra has three candle holders.

This or a similar Halloween decor piece can become one of your favourites year after year.

Use with black, orange, white or metallic candles.

Do not display in the bedroom or in the love and relationships feng shui bagua area.

I like the fact that these are quality multi-functional decor pieces, as two of the perched ravens can be used off-season as dramatic accent bookends.

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