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Feng Shui COLORS How To: Video and Tips

Learn how to use colors for good feng shui in your home


Color is one of the easiest ways to shift the energy in your space with feng shui. Watch our short video on the use of color and read the tips below, too! Continue exploring good feng shui by connecting with Rodika on: Facebook | Pinterest | Twitter | Google+ | YouTube
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Feng Shui Color Tips Free Video (more feng shui color tips below)
Choose feng shui colors according to the energy you need and bring them into your home or office with the wall color, art, photography, or various decor items. You can also further explore feng shui tips related to the use of specific colors according to the five feng shui elements, as well as the use of colors in specific roooms in your home. From red to blue, all the info is here for you!

Just type in your search terms in the about.com search box (upper right on your computer screen) and you will find many feng shui tips to help you out.

Below are just a few of the many feng shui color tips you can find on our feng shui site:

Feng Shui of Color Purple

Feng Shui of Color Green

Feng Shui Tips of Color Red

and many, many more feng shui color tips waiting for you today!

Enjoy your exploration of the fascinating world of feng shui colors. If you have questions on the use of colors - or any other uses of feng shui, be it home, garden or office - be sure to ask your questions at the feng shui forum.

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