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Feng Shui COMPASS READING Video and Tips

Use a simple compass to take the feng shui compass reading of your home


The first step in defining the bagua of your home is to take the compass reading. Watch our short video to learn how and be sure to read the tips below, too!
Feng Shui COMPASS READING Video and Tips
Feng Shui Compass Reading Free Video Tip (more feng shui compass tips below)
Click to Watch the Feng Shui Compass Reading Video

You can also learn more about the feng shui compass by reading the following articles: What Is a Feng Shui Compass?

The feng shui compass has been used for thousands of years. Literally translated, lo-pan means "a bowl that contains everything", or "a bowl that contains all the mysteries of the universe."

The professional feng shui compass has many rings, each ring going deeper and deeper into the connection humans experience with their living or working space. However, to take the compass reading of your home you do not need the professional feng shui compass. All you need is an accurate compass, a piece of paper and a pen.

Draw a Compass Reading Floor Plan

Draw a sketch of your home and note the positioning of the main door. Now get ready to take the compass readings.

Take Three Feng Shui Compass Readings

The first compass reading you will take when you are outside of your home looking out the main door. As an example, let us assume that the first compass reading of your main door is 352.5.

For the second reading go inside your home, slightly move away from your main door, but still look the same direction. Note the reading of your compass. This will be you second compass reading and you might have 351.

For the third compass reading go further inside your house, but still face the same direction. This is your third compass reading, and it will be slightly different, maybe it is 353.5.

Define the Most Accurate Compass Reading

Once you have three or more compass readings, you will define the most accurate reading of your compass by finding the median number. Let us say you decided that the facing direction of your house or the compass reading of your main door is 352.5.

When you have the compass reading of your home, you are ready to go to the next step, and define the bagua, or the energy map of your home.

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