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GUEST ROOM Feng Shui Free Video and Tips

Use easy feng shui to create an inviting guest room


Feng shui can help you create a beautiful guest room the easy way. Watch our short video to learn how to and read the tips below, too!
GUEST ROOM Feng Shui Free Video and Tips
How To Feng Shui Your Guest Room Free Video
Click To Watch The Video: Feng Shui Your Guest Room

Avoid Clutter for Good Feng Shui in the Guest Room

If you are lucky enough to have a separate guest room for your visitors make sure you keep it clutter free so you don't have to scramble to clean the room when guests are due. If you have a tendency to use your guest room as a dumping ground, do a thorough clutter clearing to get rid of everything you really don't like, don't need and don't want.

Promote Relaxation in the Guest Room with Feng Shui

To help your guest sleep soundly, paint the guest room in a skin-tone color like beige, light-brown or even pink, lavender, cream, raspberry or chocolate. Avoid bright or cold colors and instead choose muted shades.

If you look at a color and it resembles a human complexion it's appropriate for a bedroom. Think about what your guests will see when they wake up. Choose landscape artwork or outdoor images like flowers, rivers, or meadows to help your guest relax.

Avoid displaying your old family photos or that dried bridal bouquet in the guest room. Hang no more than one mirror in the room and make sure your guests can't see themselves in it when they are in the bed. If you have mirrored closet doors hang curtains over them that can be tied back during the day and closed at night.

For More Info Watch The Video: Feng Shui Your Guest Room

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