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5 Feng Shui Tips for A Happy Christmas Home Decor

Use feng shui to create beautiful, vibrant and healthy energy


feng shui decorating tips for christmas

Feng shui can bring harmony to any home; use basic feng shui decorating tips to create a balanced and happy Christmas home.

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Christmas season has become a very stressful time of the year for many people. Feng shui being a powerful tool in creating calm and harmonious energy, let's look at some basic feng shui decorating tips to help ease your stress and really enjoy this beautiful season.

And, of course, along with applying feng shui decorating tips to create a harmonious Christmas home, you can also use it to give creative Christmas feng shui gifts to your family and friends.

Here are 5 easy feng shui decorating tips for Christmas to help minimize your stress levels, relax and promote a happy and balanced flow of feng shui energy in your home.

FENG SHUI CHRISTMAS DECORATING TIP # 1: Decorate your home with good feng shui colors to enhance, as well as balance the energy of the Christmas season.

In the language of feng shui, what you need to do in the colder season is bring into your environment the energy and the colors of the feng shui element of Fire. This is where the many candles, a good fireplace, bright Christmas lights and fiery gold and red Christmas tree decorations all help.

  • How To Decorate with Feng Shui

  • Even though using Fire element colors, such as red, purple and strong magenta are highly advisable in order to warm up the energy of your home in the cold season, do not forget about the main feng shui principle of balance.

  • How To Use Color for Good Feng Shui in Your Home

  • If you have an unbalanced/too strong of a Fire feng shui element during Christmas season - which happens in many homes with an overwhelming amount of red colour - you risk creating an energy that promotes burn-out and even emotional outbursts. The low energy people often feel after the Christmas holidays is often created by an unbalanced fire element in their homes.

    Be mindful about balancing the strong feng shui Fire element of the Christmas season with a cooler color scheme, such as soothing light blue (feng shui Water element color), cool silver or gray and calm white (feng shui Metal element colors).

  • Feng Shui of Blue and White for Christmas

  • Feng shui-wise, the Water and Metal element colors can create a fresh, calming sense in your home that will balance the strong Fire element of the season. Think balance, a happy and joyful kind of balance, and use feng shui to help create that sense of balance in your home. This way you will avoid the stress and the lack of energy many people feel during Christmas season and at the beginning of the New Year.

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