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How To Improve the Outside Feng Shui of Your House

Use easy feng shui tips to create better energy around your house


The feng shui of a house is determined by factors both outside, as well as inside the house. Feng shui masters affirm that if the outside feng shui of a house is overpoweringly negative, there is no point in improving the feng shui of the inside of the house.

It is true that if the house has challenging exterior feng shui, it is very difficult to achieve good feng shui inside the house. Difficult, but not impossible.  Our feng shui tips will help with the most common feng shui dilemmas of house exterior, as well as give you general info on creating good feng shui outside your house.

1. Choose Best House Exterior Color with Feng Shui

There are two main feng shui tips to help you choose the best feng shui color for your house exterior. It is always excellent feng shui to live in a house that harmoniously blends with its surroundings, both natural and man-made. Read more

2. Create A Strong Feng Shui Front Door

In feng shui, the house gets its Chi, or energy nourishment through the front door, so the stronger, healthier and more balanced the front door is, the stronger and better the quality of energy available for those who live in the house. So, how does a strong feng shui front door look and feel like? Good question. Find out what defines a front door with strong, good feng shui and create a strong feng shui door for your own house. Read more

3. A Good Feng Shui Garden Around Your House

A good feng shui garden will help attract nourishing, high quality feng shui energy for your house, as well as delight all your senses. When it comes to a good feng shui garden, the size of your garden (or your house) is not the main criteria. Of course it is wonderful to be surrounded by a big garden; but if all you have is just a small space around your house, you can still create a good feng shui garden.
Read more

4. Best Feng Shui Positioning of A House on Land

There are many variables to consider when assessing the feng shui of the land and the house on it. First, no matter you are buying just the land or the house already built on the land, you will look at the Chi quality in the land itself. Does it look and feel vibrant, is the vegetation lush, in other words, is it full of life? Read more

5. A Big Tree in Front of the House: Bad Feng Shui?

Generally, you do not want a tree too close to the house. This is not only a feng shui concern, but also just an expression of common sense. In giving enough breathing room to both your house, as well as the tree, you are promoting good feng shui energy and a safe home environment. If the tree is right in front of the main/front door, this is considered challenging feng shui. Read more

6. Feng Shui Tips for A House in Cul-de-Sac

If your house is located on a cul-de-sac, you have probably heard that its feng shui is not very good. Even though this is a general feng shui statement, as each house is unique, there are several reasons why even houses with the best feng shui inside, might still have difficulty attracting good quality Chi, or energy. Read more

7. Feng Shui of A House Next to the Railroad

Generally, if a house is located next to the railroad, its feng shui is considered challenging because of the constant strong movement, as well as strong sound vibrations from the passing trains. What can you do to make it better? First, let me say that as powerful as feng shui is, it is not a cure-all solution. No number of chimes, mirrors, crystals or Buddhas will help you where stronger action might be needed. Read more

8. Feng Shui of A T-Junction House

A T junction house is considered bad feng shui for several reasons. The main reason is the fact that the Chi coming directly from the road is rushing too strong towards the house and in most cases negatively affects the energy of the T junction house. In many cases you can feel how the energy of the T junction literally "hits" the house with sharp, aggressive, Sha Chi quality energy. Read more

9. Feng Shui of A House with A Sloped Backyard

Sloped backyard is considered bad feng shui because it leaves the house with no supporting energy. Traditionally, the back of the house is the area of the Turtle - one of the four celestial feng shui animals - which means the house needs the feng shui of support and steady, stable energy at its back. Read more

10. Security Bars on Windows: Bad Feng Shui?

The state of your windows, as well as the state of any part of your house, be it the doors or the steps, is very important in feng shui. Windows are called the eyes of the house in feng shui and are related, on an energy level, to your ability to see clearly in life. Having security bars on your house windows is certainly not the best feng shui. Read more

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