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Feng Shui Tips for Money and Wealth

Practical feng shui suggestions for success in your career and tips to attract a stronger flow of abundance into your life! Find out what to do, what not to do and what priorities to go for.
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All About Feng Shui for Wealth: Feng Shui Money Tips and Products
You can use feng shui to attract wealth, prosperity and abundace. Find out about the meaning and application of many feng shui cures and popular products; find out the location of your feng shui money corner and even make your own wealth vase! This feng shui for wealth tips and products hub is often updates with new feng shui money tips, so be...

Feng Shui for Wealth
Good Feng Shui, affirm the Masters, does not bring you Wealth if you do not strive for it, but it gives you the necessary support to seek Fame and Fortune.

5 Wealth Money Feng-Shui Home Office
How many wealth areas are there in feng shui? Definitely more than one wealth & money area! Find out all about the 5 main feng shui money areas.

Feng Shui Aquariums - Feng Shui Wealth Cure
Feng shui aquariums are a beautiful and potent feng shui cure to attract the energy of wealth and abundance.

Wealth & Money Energy in Feng Shui
Understand the energy or wealth and money in feng shui and find out how to strengthen this energy in your home or office.

Prosperity Area of your Space: how do you find it?
Prosperity area of your space: find it with feng shui

Feng Shui for Artists - Clutter, Creativity and Feng Shui
How do you create the best feng shui space to support your creativity? Contrary to the popular belief about feng shui, an ideal feng shui space is not the Zen-looking serene space.

Remove Blockages with Feng Shui: Walls of Importance
Remove blockages with feng shui: walls of importance

Feng Shui Wealth & Money Bathroom Decor: Wood or Metal?
If your bathroom is in the feng shui money area, which decor is best for it? Do you focus on bringing the Wood feng shui element decor, or should you choose Metal element decor for money? Find out!

Best Feng Shui Decor Money Wealth Bathroom
Explore the best feng shui decor for bathroom located in the money and wealth bagua area - from colours to modern decor items.

8 Feng Shui Decor Tips Money Area
Once you know the location of your feng shui money area, be sure you know how to decorate it in order to create best feng shui wealth & money energy. These 8 feng shui money area decor tips will help you do just that!

Feng Shui Money Area Mistakes
Having good energy in your feng shui wealth & money area is important for obvious reasons. Find out the 3 main mistakes for this area and be sure to avoid them in your home or office decor for your own feng shui money area!

Feng Shui Money Area Location Challenges
Find out the most common feng shui challenges with the location of your money area, as well as several ways to remedy these potentially bad feng shui scenarios.

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