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Feng Shui Money Tips and Wealth Feng Shui Products

Explore easy feng shui tips and feng shui cures for wealth and money


You can use feng shui to attract wealth, prosperity and abundance. Find out about the meaning and application of many feng shui cures and popular products; find out the location of your feng shui money corner and even make your own wealth vase!

This feng shui for wealth tips and products hub is often updated with new feng shui money tips, so be sure to bookmark this page.



Feng Shui Tips for Wealth

Photo: © Quentin Houyoux

Good Feng shui, affirm the Masters, does not bring you wealth if you do not strive for it, but it gives you the necessary support to seek fame and fortune. There are many simple and easy feng shui money tips and products to use in your space for strong wealth energy. Classical feng shui cures such as ... Read more

How To Find the Money Area of Your Home or Office

In feng shui the area connected to your money, or financial prosperity and abundance, is the Southeast area of your home or office. This is the classical, or traditional feng shui school way to define your money area. Now, if you decide to work with the Western/BTB feng shui school, then your money area is in the upper left area of your space. I know this sounds confusing, why would your money area be in two different feng shui areas of your home or office? Well, no, the feng shui money area is in one spot, but what you have to do is ... Read more

8 Feng Shui Decor Tips for Your Money Area

When you feng shui money area has the right energy, your house (or office and business) is able to attract and hold the energy of wealth & money. How do you create the best feng shui energy in your money area? Let's see what it means, in practical decorating terms to create good feng shui in your money area. Here are 8 easy decor tips to ... Read more

What is a Feng Shui Wealth Vase?

Photo: (c) Sachin Ghodke

The feng shui wealth vase is one of the oldest feng shui abundance cures. The history of the wealth vase is complex; its making and symbols have numerous deep meanings.In feng shui applications, the wealth vase is used as an abundance cure to help you attract and strengthen the flow of wealth and prosperity energy in your ... Read more

Feng Shui Fish for Wealth: Aquarium Guidelines

Photo: (c) George Doyle / Getty Images

Feng shui aquariums are a beautiful and potent feng shui cure to attract the energy of wealth and abundance. Placed right, and taken care of wisely, they will amplify the energy in any space and attract more wealth Chi. quariums are auspicious because they bring a harmonious combination of several wealth attracting feng shui factors, as well as a perfect balance of all 5 feng shui ... Read more

Chinese Coins as a Feng Shui Money Cure

The most common use of Chinese coins in feng shui is for money. The other popular use of coins in feng shui is as protection and good luck cure. These energies sure do go together, do they not? When a person achieves financial stability, she or he also feels more protected and, of course, lucky! To use the Chinese coins as a feng shui money cure, first locate the ... Read more

Feng Shui Money Cures e-Store

If you are looking for an easy way to buy classical Chinese feng shui money cures for your home or office, here comes help. Our on-line feng shui money shop allows you to compare prices on various classical feng shui money cures and products, as well as gives you the feng shui tips you might need in order to attract the energy of wealth. Explore

Feng Shui Lucky Bamboo for Wealth

Photo: (c) Cheryl Lee

The lucky bamboo is one of the most popular feng shui cures. If you are lucky enough to have bamboo growing in your garden, you know how soothing, almost transcendental, the sound of bamboo is. Usually you will buy (or make) this feng shui cure with a specific number of bamboo stalks, be it for love, wealth or ... Read more


Use of Feng Shui Wealth Ship

The wealth ship is a popular traditional feng shui money cure because, unlike other Chinese feng shui money cures, such as the three legged toad or Chinese coins, the wealth ship looks great in any space and with any ... Read more

Feng Shui Fountains for Wealth

Photo: (c) Neil Gould

Feng shui fountains are among the most popular feng shui products and come in all shapes, sizes, and materials. The uses of feng shui fountains are many - from health to wealth to just improving the quality of ... Read more


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